1 Advanced C++ (stl, locking/lockfree techniques, templates, patterns, optimization, debugging, boost) 3D Software Engineer/Organic Motion
2 Networking – sockets, RPC, streams, low latency hardware
3 Knowledge of operating systems
4 Solid mathematical background
5 GPU/CPU interactions
6 Multi-threading / multi-process programming
7 Distributed systems
8 Massively-Parallel programming (GPGPU)
9 3D computer graphics programming (CUDA, OpenCL, DirectCompute, DirectX, OpenGL, Shaders, HLSL, GPU)
10 Computer vision / image processing / signal processing
11 Agile (SCRUM) development process
12 3D reconstruction / Stereo Vision / Mesh creation & optimization
13 Computer Vision / Image Processing
14 Motion capture creation / analysis / physics
15 Scripting Language (Python, Bash, Perl, etc)
16 GUI Developemnt (MFC, Qt, WxWidgets)
17 Autodesk 3D animation suite API

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